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Don't Let Your Clients See Your Discolored Floors

Don't Let Your Clients See Your Discolored Floors

We offer commercial floor restoration and up keep services in Casper & Glenrock, WY

Your commercial floors feature a layer of wax that coats your tile, wood or linoleum. When that layer starts to degrade, you need to strip it away and apply a new layer. This floor stripping and waxing cycle protects your floors from damage. Monson Janitorial Services Inc. has over 36 years of experience stripping and waxing floors in the Casper, WY area. You can count on us to keep your floors in peak condition.

Call 307-472-5428 now to learn more about our commercial floor waxing and stripping services. We serve Casper and Glenrock, WY and the surrounding area.

3 benefits of waxing your floors

In addition to protecting your floors from damage, floor stripping and waxing is beneficial because:

  1. It locks out dust and moisture, making your floors easier to clean.
  2. It reflects your interior light, making your space look bigger and brighter.
  3. It makes your floors safer to walk on.

Contact us today to see the difference commercial floor waxing and stripping can make on your floors in Casper, WY and all of the surrounding areas. You can order this service separately or bundle it with your regular janitorial services.