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5 to 6 days a week
5 to 6 days a week

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Our customers and their clients deserve to conduct their daily business needs in a clean environment. If for any reason our customers feel that we have not met their cleaning expectations, Monson Janitorial Services, Inc. will make every reasonable attempt to promptly correct the situation at our own expense.

Bonded and Insured

Hiring a janitorial company to clean your facility exposes your business to potential risk making sure your company is not held responsible for damages by a third party should be considered before choosing a janitorial provider.

Rest assured we’ve got you covered! Monson Janitorial Services, Inc. has insurance that exceeds most insurance minimums required by janitorial service providers to cover the premises and belongings of all our valued customers and their staff. Without delay those unforeseen accidents and damages are quickly attended to and repaired with in a timely manner.

Background Checked and Approved

Establishing a good working relationship begins with knowing who you can trust in your facilities after business hours. All Monson Janitorial Services, Inc. employees are subjected to an extensive nationwide background screening prior to employment and updated every 5 years throughout the course of their employment.

Background screening are performed by SecurTest for a thorough check of information available through agencies such as but not limited to; terrorist watch groups, national sex offender’s registry as well as for any criminal charges, convictions and dismissals settled in a court of law.

Zero Tolerance

To maintain a trustworthy relationship with our valued customers, Monson Janitorial Services, Inc. is a zero tolerance drug and alcohol company. Our employees are subjected to a drug and alcohol screening prior to employment, on a random basis, suspicious cause and following any on duty accident or injures. Services provided by Drug & Alcohol Testing Inc. of Casper, Wyoming.

Taking it a step farther, Monson Janitorial Services owner and president is a trained and professional behavioral counselor capable of recognizing suspicious behavior knowingly associated with drug and alcohol usage.

Peace of Mind

Working Together to Make a Difference

Monson Janitorial representatives and staff members thoroughly understand that it takes more than just cleaning to maintain overall customer satisfaction.

Take advantage of our peace of mind commitment to you by choosing Monson Janitorial Services, Inc. as your janitorial service provider.

Keeping you Protected

Our janitorial teams take the extra precaution to properly secure all security devices issued to them regardless if they are on duty or off duty and making sure your facilities are lock and secured from the inside out.

On duty managers are promptly notified of any suspicious activities or persons and efforts to resolve the matter are quickly attended to with a detailed report emailed to our known customer contacted for their records.

On-Site Protection

Monson Janitorial Services, Inc. team leaders are highly trained to ensure services are safely performed and completed within a timely manner to meet your cleaning expectations.

Required annual training courses included but not limited to Safety techniques and updates, Blood Borne Pathogens and airborne contaminates, Chemical data sheets and usage.


To ensure the safety of our janitorial team and your facilities, Monson Janitorial Services, Inc. has a manager on-duty until all locations are thoroughly cleaned and each employee has returned safely home to their families.

With a flexible work schedule our on-duty manager can report to any job-site to provide additional training, reasonable resolve unforeseen circumstance and managing cleaning requests and or concerns.


In a joint effort to monitor the overall cleanliness of your facility and the performance of our janitorial teams, Monson Janitorial Services, Inc. preventative care specialists will regularly perform a thorough inspection of your facility.

Each inspection is used to quickly identify cleaning and maintenance issues before they interfere with your businesses day to day operations.

Guaranteed Services


Janitorial Services made simple! Monson Janitorial Services, Inc. has designed several packages to choose from. Please refer to each packages scope of work for a more detailed description.

Budget Friendly Package

Small businesses, working on a limited budget or do not need janitorial services every day of the week? Our budget friendly package is designed to meet your budget without sacrificing quality.

Economy Package

Need janitorial service but not sure where to begin? Our economy package is designed to manage the overall cleanliness of your facilities to meet the day to day operations of your business.

Market Package

Want more out of janitorial service in a competitive market? Our market package is designed to manage the overall cleanliness of your facilities and to prolong the durability of compatible floors to prevent costly repairs.

Choice Package

Have a lot to do with no time to worrying about janitorial service? Our choice package is designed to offer precise scheduling to manage the optimal appearance of your facility inside out and from the ceiling to the floor.

Don’t see a package you like? We will be happy to prepare a special package with reasonable pricing to meet your janitorial needs.